7 Resume Updates You Need NOW

You already know that you should update your resume pretty regularly, especially after a major achievement or when you’re looking for a new job. But there are small tweaks you can make to your resume that may make a bigger impact on employers than a CEO listing.

1. Hyperlink your email address. It’s so easy but makes such a difference in the ease with which a potential employer can contact you. Most word processors do this automatically, but we’re used to removing the email link out of habit. Don’t do it next time!

2. Ditch the “objective.” Everyone knows your objective is to get whatever job for which you’re applying. Listing it is redundant and a waste of your precious single page of space.

3. Add a summary. Replace your objective with a summary: What you’ve done, what you want to do, and why you’re perfect for the job. Use bold text to highlight your most impressive achievements.

4. Make it snazzy. Replace your standard Times New Roman font with a more modern Cambria or Georgia. Use graphic bullet points. Add a splash of color if you want. Keep in mind, though, that your industry can dictate just how creative you can get: A visual artist has more room to play than, say, a CPA.

5. Skip the skills section if it doesn’t apply. Unless you’re an IT specialist or applying for a job in which certain specific skills are required, don’t include this section. It’s a waste of precious resume space. Plus, who isn’t skilled in “Microsoft Word?”

6. Use keywords. Improving one particular phrase, like replacing “customer service rep” with “client relations liaison” can make a huge difference when applying for companies that weed out applicants with automated bots.

7. Have multiple formats. Save one resume as a Word document, one as a Google document, and one as a PDF so you have all options ready to go depending on what your potential employer requests.

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