Job hunting is pretty much a fulltime job in itself. That can get frustrating and exhausting when you’re job hunting while you’re already employed, so it’s very tempting to search for a new job while you’re already at work for your current crappy employer—especially if one of the reasons youContinue Reading

You might have heard the phrase “mind over matter.” It means we can use our willpower to overcome physical problems in our lives—that is, if we have willpower to begin with. There’s always that one colleague you could live without. Yep — you know just who it is. Maybe it’sContinue Reading

You’ve finally done it — you’ve completed the endless job applications, sat through round after round of interviews and now you’re gearing up for your first day on a new job. Maybe it starts tomorrow, maybe it starts in a month, but all you can think about is how nervousContinue Reading

If Donald Trump’s proposed tax plan, complete with its butchery of 401K accounts, gets passed, saving for retirement will be a lot harder: If your maximum 401K contribution drops from $18,000 to $2,400, you know what else is diminished? Your interest, your compound interest, and, quite possibly, your life expectancy,Continue Reading

You already know that you should update your resume pretty regularly, especially after a major achievement or when you’re looking for a new job. But there are small tweaks you can make to your resume that may make a bigger impact on employers than a CEO listing. 1. Hyperlink yourContinue Reading

Other than being at work when you feel sick or hungover, there are few things worse than going to work exhausted. You can’t focus, your performance suffers, and whether you’re motivated or not, you’ll likely become a clock-watcher, at least for the day. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucialContinue Reading